Yuppie Flu - Sport yer Feelings testo lyric


She needs to know anything
But i've never seen anything out of my block
I was sick when chances were given
If she could teach me her secret dance steps
We'd dance through fields
Through lands of sadness
She got a spot
For some blue samba
You're a blessing in disguise
Have some rest a day or two
And yer nerves may too
As i'm in
A place which i've never been
Since you do not have your lens
You should trust me takin' you there
Seems like dance hall but it's a kitchen
Seats are free there's no one in there
You're so smart
I'm just stoked
We flow out in the country yard
Have some rest
A day or two
And yer nerves may too


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La canzone Sport yer Feelings si trova nell'album At the zoo uscito nel 1999 per Homesleep, Helter Skelter, Flop records, Audioglobe.

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