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Testo della canzone

Looks like we're home
But chances are gone
As long as we keep on trying
It goes just on and on
Baby let's share a toast
Cueueing for a fake toilet
Hear your dictionsir spell wizard
Miles are over open season
Ridin'the road mind the gas
Cause it's such a marvellous place
Try to go there
Cross the water
And if the directions were right
You'll find yourself by my side
Legs were broken
So i sold them
Lost in my lane
Driven insane
Deep in the mouth of science
Well if i could rewrite as on a level-flight
The words that i used to told her
Hear your dictionsir spell wizard
Miles are over open season
Plenty of caps to collect
Posters and cans in the back
Clouds were broken
When i saw them
I payed the room for the night
Had something money can't buy
Worth a token
Left unspoken

Album che contiene Wheel Deal

album At the zoo Yuppie Flu
At the zoo 1999 - Rock, Psichedelia, Indie Homesleep / Helter Skelter / Flop records / Audioglobe

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