album MAGICAL Ze In The Clouds

Ze In The Clouds MAGICAL


2021 - Jazz, Hip-Hop, Elettronica


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Descrizione a cura della band

Magical is a fusion of a dozen genres, where every song opens up like a russian doll, splitting into real songs within the track.
Hundreds of details are part of the different auditory worlds in which each song progresses.
Magical is no doubt hard to decipher but it’s easy to dance.
Since the orchestral introduction of the first song your senses will be automatically taken into a journey between irony and sadness, emotional intensity and vibing, extreme nerding and introspection. Magical is a dream that, through sound illusion, makes you meditate on the sense of life, death and love, three fundamental topics in the album lyrics.
The album is a leap into a future where no tradition is missing.


Title: Magical
Artist: Ze in the Clouds
Music and Lyrics: Giuseppe Vitale
All instruments and Vocals by: Giuseppe Vitale
Backing vocals: Lndfk
Produced by: Giuseppe Vitale
Additional production: Dario Bass, Lndfk
Mixing: Giuseppe Vitale, Dario Bassolino
Mastering: Giovanni Roma
Artworks by Massimo Missoni
Release Date: April 23, 2021
Label: Time Is The Enemy

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