81db Insane Wishes Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

81db Insane Wishes Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Metal, Alternativo 

Firenze, Toscana



Testo della canzone

I know you wish sometimes that all this was a dream
That you could wake up now and all could disappear
All colors that surround you could slowly fade to grey
No more emotions just a stone inside to stay

I know you can't complain
But i can feel, i can feel your pain
I know you're not insane
But i can see, now i can see your pain

No more the ones who hurts you, they cannot wet your eyes
When you now fall it's a warm blanket you will find
All losses have their meaning, sometimes that's plain life
Only by looking forward may help you answer why


And i won't walk against my will, blind and wounded full of colors that wait for me
And what i think that may be real, of precious memories, it's all a blind man's dream

Losing everything you ever thought you had
That simple sense of pleasure may never come again
But you may fight the monster that penetrates your mind
And even stronger you will never look behind

Album che contiene Insane Wishes

album A Blind Man's Dream - 81db
A Blind Man's Dream 2013 - Progressive, Metal, Crossover Audioglobe, Bakerteam Records

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