Biografia Cinqueventi

After few years spent around local, Cinqueventi decide to abandon the way to be a cover band and create a personal sound and develop new songs: the contract with Pirames International, an italian independent label, gives the opportunity to finish their first album, called Nuova Alba (A New Dawn), totally recorded and mastered in their own studio (The Bunker). The album containing 8-track studio and three live tracks, was released on December 2010 on iTunes and the most important digital stores of the world, available on Spotify as well. In September 2011 it was shot the first video clip of the band, based on the single Dancing With The Devil. You can find and watch it right here. The video project, funded in large part by the crowdfunding campaign, saw the light in three versions: a Radio Edit version, a Bunker Edit (in the own studio) and an Extended Version: a real short movie by 8 minutes and 45 seconds. Early in 2014 the band, after going through a very bad period, decide to start over again, now with three elements (formerly by four).
This fresh start shows a new artistic path of the band, strongly influenced by britrock: in fact, the upcoming new album Bright Light will be entirely in english and with a very different new sound.
Bright Light is now available on every digital store.

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