Luca Burgalassi - Down on me testo lyric


I’m standing by my window,
staring at the cars roll by.
Cars run fast,
fading like these days.
Sometimes they seem to slip over me
I think it’s time to go now,
leaving everything behind.
I think it’s time for me
to pass over these days.
No, I can’t let them tumble down on me
And while I step out to go, I stop for a while
longing for the moonlight
and I gaze at the street that fades in the dark,
and I can feel the rain drops pouring down on me.
It’s raining through my hair and on my skin,
as I roam in the streets in the still of the night
and I let the rain pour down on me


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Music and Lyrics by L. Burgalassi

Luca Burgalassi: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussions, organ.

Matteo Fusaro: electric piano -
Daniele Nannini: bass -
Gianni Apicella: drums


La canzone Down on me si trova nell'album WINDWARD uscito nel 2015 per Audioglobe, VREC, Believe Digital.

Copertina dell'album WINDWARD, di Luca Burgalassi

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