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Miami Mais is from the sunny southern end of Italy, and writes music that is sunny, fun and also a bit ridiculous. ‘A Popcorn Diet’, out 1st September on Activia Benz, is an EP bursting with flavour. It’s sweet and salty all at once. Actually it’s as though somebody poured some skittles into the popcorn or some shit. Mental.

He claims his cooking is better than his music, and I’m salivating at the thought because his music is truly fantastic and also I am hungry cos I didn’t have lunch.

He recently released a track on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs thingy that he does, which means he must be cool.

We got Lil Mystic on board for the remix of ‘Keep One Thing’, and he twisted it up into a crazy lil jersey-esque riddim that will bash down the dance at any given opportunity.

01 We Can Desire
02 Keep One Thing
03 Goose
05 Keep One Thing (Lil Mstic Remix)

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  • aerockkio 28/08/2014 ore 01:54 @aerock

    io credevo che fosse una nuova edizione autunnale del miami...

  • peevpeev 28/08/2014 ore 11:17 @peevpeev

    pure io.

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