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Progetto Monark Better Off Alone


2020 - Punk, Industrial, Dark


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Descrizione a cura della band

A few days ago was published and distributed on the most famous digital stores the Ep "Better Off Alone" the result of a collaboration of the Monark Project with Samantha Hubbs in art "IT!" singer from New Orleans, voice and author of the lyrics of these songs.
The genres of this Ep Punk, Post Punk, Alternative Rock, are a bit my roots as a musician, I started playing similar things in the 90s, and it was nice to play them again on this album, record them, and share them.
By December a new Project Monark Ep will be available, telling some stories of people on the fringes of this society, and I'm finishing a new album "Galaxies" by Jude with Lemonade a Great artist of San Francisco, vocalist and author of extraordinary lyrics.


Music: Castagna Carlo
Lyrics and voices: Samantha Hubbs
Guitars, Bass, Synth: Castagna Carlo
Graphics: Castagna Carlo
Production: Castagna Carlo, Nicolò Spezialetti
Rabbits Recording Studio

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