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running fast on my rusty old ride
trapped in this sad dark night
I can’t see anything out of my glass
the motor noise breaks my eardrums

in a while just a flash in front of my eyes
I did not realize it was for me the last breath in my life
life has been torn from the body
fucking fate I was not even thirty

and now I’m here in this crappy limbo
thinking that hell would have been better
surrounded by surreal rocks
and eyeless human figures looking for their life

and I am one of them
following the cue without real conscience
I find myself in a lift that only goes down
I know it’s probably my last displacement
I regret human feelings in this flavourless nothing

no words, no views, no taste, no sounds

but it is not a punishment
it is just the way it goes

and sometimes I got the feeling
I feel the woman that I left
I can barely touch her
in her dreams

Album che contiene Afterlife

album Watch Them Burn Watch Them Burn
Watch Them Burn 2015 - Metal, Death metal

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