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you're here!!! facing me yet!!
eating my soul contagious confusion.
Desires collide
and everything is the same here,
chained to evil artifices
I would kill everybody else
I would pull my eyes out
and push them in your sockets
as you can see
what to stay calm means
while inside and outside yourself
everything explodes
Have a look!
Scream if you need to
you can’t have the arrogance
to understand everything you want
the human race sucks
sooner you get it
and sooner you can give
meaning in your life
though there are moments
I would bite off the veins from my wrists
I always find a fuckin' reason to breath, again and again
This is the way
trust me
one more time
blinding light – through- my – body in – this limb – I feel - confortable

Album che contiene Soul-R

album Watch Them Burn - Watch Them Burn
Watch Them Burn 2015 - Metal, Death metal

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