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Testo della canzone

The day after

It was a long running in the night
I thought that everything was perfect
but it wasn’t
many strange faces were surrounding me
many voices were talking to me

sitting on the chair I closed my eyes to forget it
I didn’t find a solution, the only way out
was a long running in the night
I understood that it was time for me to go
a long running away from everything around me

while I was running away
tears were falling from my eyes
time is going on, but not for me

maybe it was a mistake?
no, it couldn’t be a mistake
when your instinct kills the reason
I am sure you can understand my words
I hope you can understand what I did (have done)

Album che contiene The Day After

album Watch Them Burn - Watch Them BurnWatch Them Burn
2015 - Metal, Death metal
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