Absolut Red - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Bathroom Whistling



Testo della canzone

Bergson used to say
We’re not in the same place in which we believe to be
Or we’re we were supposed to be
Enthusiasm, secret surprise
For a moment I believed to touch the sky
Livin’ forever happy
Then the end of the happiness caught on the wrong side of bed, already dreaming
I was already dreaming of, I will always be dreaming of you
Passed, now it’s passed
But I still can taste that wastement
And now I’m anxious, weak, depressed
I should drink a coke, maybe going to bed
But inside my head, also when I’m dreaming
I still recall of that
It’s time warp, time lacks under my feet
You told me when we were young
Hidden behind closed doors we sat, we kissed, we hug and softly
You whispered in my ear please lick my tongue
I was very scared from the way you moved
You felt very strange ‘cause you liked me, and me too
When we were young
It’s a strange love
The one between my boyfriend and me, it’s a feeling only for itself

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album A Supposedly Fun Thing We'll Probably Do Again - Absolut RedA Supposedly Fun Thing We'll Probably Do Again
2012 - Indie, Britpop, Pop rock
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