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Credits 01 Without you

Jack: Voce, chitarre, basso
Nimesulide: Seconde voci, chitarra, battiti di mani
Luca Mathmos Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

I stand alone, on the side of the road
And watch the cars go on, pass by
Without you, without you

And I can’t help, can’t help myself
I start to cry towards the sky
Without you, without you

And time pass by but pain does not
My guts are wrapped up in a knot
There’s no way back and no way forth
I just keep on living, for what it’s worth

Without you

The sky goes dark, the lights turn off
I feel alone, like made of stone
And time is lost, I can’t get across
The gap that lays, ‘tween me and some better days

Without you

And time pass by and the seasons change
The sun comes out then it rains again
The knot is loosening, bonds wear off
Take a running jump, trying to get across

Without you, tomorrow is an open door
Without you, I can kiss any girl
Without you, I go wherever I want
Without you, I do things that you won’t
Without you, I come home late at night
Without you, I suddenly feel fine
Without you, the city is full of lights
Without you, I’m starting a new life

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