Washing in dirty water part 1

Washing in dirty water part 1

Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls

2013 - Folk, Garage, Punk rock


Washing in dirty water è una raccolta di 15 canzoni che sono altrettante pagine strappate da un diario. Registrate nello stesso ordine in cui sono state composte, raccontano la storia dell'inizio di una transizione da un periodo ad un altro della vita. Ha alti e bassi, folk e garage, pop e punk, fuzz e violoncelli. Ed è solo la prima parte.


Acid Jack Flashed: Chitarre, voci, tastiere, basso
Nimesulide: Chitarre, voci, tastiere, basso, banjo, percussioni
Luca 'Mathmos' Selvini: Percussioni, Flauto

Mixato da Nimesulide, Yed Viganò e Andrea Cajelli

disponibile dal 06/09/2013

Press Folder (Uk)
Washing In Dirty Water

It is said that things can change at a turn of a dice. Sometimes, this is literally the case: it was
in one of these occasions that a premature version of this record got in our hands. However,
things aren’t always organised in random fashion, and washing in dirty water was not. It is actually a collection of 15 pages ripped from a diary. The first part of a story, told in music and recorded in the same order as it were composed to construct the chronicle of a season, the start of a journey through which a life changed. And, as in many stories, there are twist and turns, shade and light; ups and downs, hope and despair and yet a line that keeps it all together, somehow. Although written in a very short time, about two months, these song swing amongst a variety of musical styles, so that the influences swing from folk to garage, from pop to punk, from classic to indefinite, but, most of all, maintaining a full hearted spontaneity. In these fifteen sketches, recorded between a bedroom and a living room, there is also a variety of arrangements that goes beyond the boundaries of the four confining walls and the two microphones at disposal, in original matches of fuzz and cello, wah wah guitars and flute, banjo and marimbas, harpsichord and African percussions. Last but not least, an alarm. This relatively quiet mayhem, was recorded with Nimesulide (Minuta H, Rap in June, 1 Erore) and Luca “Mathmos” Selvini (Field, Rooster and the booster). We hope you’ll enjoy it, as much as we do.

The Band.

Acid Jack Flashed started to compose and play live around 1995. Pretty soon he began playing
in several local bands, never really choosing a genre, but trying to do as many as possible:
rock, punk, psychedelia, prog, ska, new wave, folk, country, bluegrass, beat, garage, demential, improvisation…whatever. Among the several bands he played with it’s worth remembering Axeugene, Freak Fairies, Borley Rectory, Sgt. Peppers, Burraska, Pure Genius, Bird Strike Test (for a very short time), Field, Buco del duo. He opened concerts for Ruth Gerson, Eric Andersen, Willie Nile, Buddy Miles, Pay and Duke Robillard. His most recent project is called Acid Jack Flashed and the Pylls. The pylls are quite garage and punky, but also love to explore any other musical style. The rule being, never know what to expect next.
The different styles and influences he experienced through the years are evident in his most
recent work, Washing in Dirty Water. Before this, AJF recorded several albums as a solo artist, with Borley Rectory and with Freak Fairies, but they never been properly published, if not for a small number of copies distributed to friend here and there. Nevertheless, some of his songs appeared in 4 Italian compilations, while one has been published in the U.S.A. by Quickstar productions.


Web-sites: undermybed.org
Email: info@undermybed.org


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