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Credits 02 Washing in dirty water

Jack: Chitarra, voce, piano armonica
Nimesulide: Basso, Chitarra
Luca 'Matthmos' Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

I need to wash my dirt away
I need to come up clean
I need to find my way back to the man I used to be

And I’m washing in dirty water
There’s no way to make it clear
Yes I’m washing in dirty water
Will I ever get alive out of here?

I need to see reflected myself how I really am
But the pond in which I’m looking is filled up with red sand

And I’m slowly sinking down
Tho’ I move my legs around
The more I move the more I drown

I’m thirsty as a desert but it’s impossible to drink
I want to swim away from here, but the waves just make me sink

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