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Credits 07 I Feel like Superman

Jack: voci, chitarre, piano
Nimesulide: Basso, chitarra
Luca 'mathmos' Selvini: percussioni

Testo della canzone

I saw you say goodbye and walk away
I thought my life was gonna end
I’ve seen some sunny and rainy days
But to me they felt like just the same
But time has passed and I feel better
I got the sunshine in my hands
I fell I’m getting higher, higher than a plane
Today, I feel like superman

Just when I get close to a new girl I see you coming back my way
I feel like I got stoned, I feel like I just don’t come from yesterday
Music making my heart overgrow
Things getting better than I planned
I gotta get into the first phone booth
Today, I feel like superman

I don’t know what will happen
But I feel like I’m a winner any ol’ way
The moon is in my room
And I’m gonna get the big prize just the same
I think I’m gonna roam around the town
With some wine glasses in my head
I’m flying up above to meet the gods
Today, I feel like superman

I’m getting younger, getting stronger, getting higher
Getting anywhere I can
I drank blood from a virgin, ate the liver of a tiger
I’m the ruler of this land
And now I feel I’m gonna start to fly
Things getting better than I planned
Tomorrow’s gonna be a great day anyway
Today, I feel like superman

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