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Credits 12 The Sleeping deserter

Jack: Chitarra, voce, tastiere
Nimesulide: Tastiere, basso
Luca mathmos Selvini: percussioni

Testo della canzone

It’s Saturday night, but I’m not alright
I don’t have fun at all
I’m acting nervous with my friends
Who got no blame at all
I haven’t slept a wink all night
I sure can’t be much fun
Wish I could sleep a thousand years
Just to forget that you’re gone

I go back home, I must stay alone,
No music, turn it off
I’ve been a loser in every game,
Deserted the war of love
Oh how I wish, oh how I pray
I had back my energy
My only hope, my only wish
If for Morpheus to let me sleep

I close my eyes, the room is dark, I see people bitten by the sharks
They dance around in bathing suits But their wounds open and spill out blood

So I wake up and I’m breathing hard
I slept but I feel tired inside
The sky is grey in the month of may
My days are made of cold and rain
And all those people pushing me
To send me where I don’t want to go
I’m sick and tired, I’m dead inside
All I can be now is alone

All the good things that should bring joy
Are fillin’ me with tears
So I deserted the battle of love
And tried to sleep away my tears
My bed is soft, my dog is warm
She sleeps with me ‘till dawn
I’m feeling better when I wake up
Until I remember that she’s gone

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