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Credits 06 Walking Bomb

Jack: Chitarra e voce
Nimesulide: Basso e chitarre
Luca mathmos Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

Now friends all turned to snakes
Trees all turn to stone
I’m lost in a dark wood
Where I travel all alone
Searching hopefully
All around to find a light
But it must be the wrong day
All the angels are on strike

People without faces Looking for themselves
They don’t know who they are They try to look like someone else
People without faces Try to rip off mine
We stumble on each other I’m the fool leading the blind

So go away, from my sight
You’d better run, run for your life

So my tower is in ruin
Ma castle falling down
I took all that I’ve built
And burned it to the ground
The meadows are on fire
The bridges are no more
I’m stepping through the darkness
Of a small, black, one way door

My armor’s drippin’ poison From each and every spike
I never felt so dangerous Before in all my life
My nerves are just like dynamite I am a walking bomb
Ready to explode If you tell me a wrong word

I’m passin’ through the gardens See all the flowers die
I’ve sought the mouth of truth Who told me a lot of lies
My fists are clenched in rage My senses are like knives
I never felt so dangerous Before in all my life

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