Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics 04 She's my shadow



Credits 04 She's my shadow

Jack: Chitarra, voci, tastiere
Nimesulide: Basso, chitarre
Luca mathmos Selvini: percussioni

Testo della canzone

One day I was walking around
She started following me under the sun
She was kissing the ground
Where I lay my feet, I was no more alone
She won’t leave me
Won’t betray me
As long as the sun shines (x2)

As long as the sun shines she’ll be mine

I see her on the ground
Walking fast and trying to look like me
She feels so self assured
Long and black, longer than my fear

In the darkness I can see her
In the day she walks behind me
Makes me longer than I am
She won’t follow another man

But when down comes the night
Suddenly she’s nowhere to be found
I am alone again
I run and run, searching all around

I see myself in her
But I can’t embrace her, she slips away from me
She seems so self assured
Long and black, just like I’d like to be

Album che contiene 04 She's my shadow

album Washing in dirty water part 1 - Acid Jack Flashed & the PyllsWashing in dirty water part 1
2013 - Folk, Garage, Punk rock Under My Bed Recordings
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