Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics 14 This lonely feeling



Credits 14 This lonely feeling

Jack: Voce, Chitarra, tastiere
Nimesulide: Basso
Luca Mathmos Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

Walking down the road
In a cheering crowded street
But as I turn my head
Everybody disappeared
I am afraid of everything
The shadow of what I used to be
Mending love and friendship
And anything I can get for free

I’m sitting here playing
In the middle of the night
On the shore of the lake
Singing for the moonlight
I see your face forming on the moon
I know you will slide down the moonbeam to me very soon

Bouncing, going berserk, running blindly in my heart
I can’t get a grip no more on anything that stands
I can’t shake away this lonely feeling
I can’t shake this lonely feeling away

I’m bouncing up and down like a crazy pinball
I swing from joy to frown, moving like a yo yo
My nerves can’t make it anymore, the future never comes
I need to turn the pages, or else I will explode

I seek shelter in the forest from the darkness of the night
But branches move to catch me I almost lost my sight
The lane to get back disappeared, I can’t see anymore
It must have been the lake ghost, so I just turn and run
My shelter turned to prison, I don’t know where I am
So I drown away in madness like a sacrificial lamb

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2013 - Folk, Garage, Punk rock Under My Bed Recordings
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