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Credits 13 Victory Day

Jack: Voce, chitarre, tastiere
Nimesulide: Chitarre, basso, tastiere
Luca mathmos Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

Today, is my victory day
Today, clouds finally gone away
I placed a winning banner
Where I had some losing battle
I don’t mind – she hangs out with him
I don’t mind – they did not win
I don’t mind – there’s only me
I’ll be alright with you, just me and you

I’m finally free, to run to you
We’ll be free, to love and loon
We’ll be free, we’ll make it through

Today, is my victory day
All my enemies beaten or gone away
And yeah, every person I meet
Is so sunny and funny and lovely to me
And it’s time – to look up ahead
And it’s time – to drag you to bed
And it’s time – to be finally glad, I’ll be allright…

We’ll be free, to take you home
We’ll be free, you and me alone
We’ll be free, to be as one

And we’ll go waltzing on the notes of the night
Offer our bare chests to the pale moonlight
We’ll be together alone, everything will be alright

You’ll be mine – it’s in the stars
You’ll be mine – I’ll cure your scars
You’ll be mine – we’re going far
Everybody’s gonna know that we were made for love

I’m finally free to call you anytime
I’m finally free, to tell you my mind
I’m finally free, I’m yours, you’re mine

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