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Credits 10 Into the night/Sad rites of loneliness

Jack: chitarra, voce tastiere
Nimesulide: Basso, tastiere, voce
Luca mathmos Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

Night time bright, the stars are out
It’s a good time for a walk
I met her in a bar downtown
And we just started to talk
Our loneliness fit well together
Her sorrow mirrors mine
We stand up, leave our cup
We walked out hand in hand
Into the night

In my flat, the midnight passed
Softly we did kiss
It’s clean and warm, tho’ I live alone
There’s a gloom behind the doors
Our soft voices murmur low
Don’t let the neighbors know
Night is tight, the city lights
We spoke our hearts out into the night

When next morning came around
It was such a surprise
Love could stand the light of day
No tiredness in our eyes
So we ate our break together
In the morning sun
No need for fuss, no one waits for us
We held each other up into the night

And all the while this thing went on
It all felt so mature
She sent your ghost, back in the past
We cleaned each other’s mind into the night
I used to wake up in the morning
And spring right out of bed
Wash and eat and get the paper
With your image in my head
But now breakfast lost his meaning
And I no more read the news
What a lack of concentration
It’s because I’ve been abused

These are the sad rites of loneliness
I follow since you’ve been gone
The sad rites of loneliness
I’m back out on my own
And I’m walking, talking,
Playing, staying out late
And I’m laughing, crying,
Trying to forget
These are the sad rites of loneliness
That help me on my way

So I leave my home up early
And I start to wonder ‘round
In the park and in the alleys
And all over this ol’ town
And the devil push me further
As I burn my energies
I just dumbly troll along
Hoping someone will save me

In the evening I roam the taverns
There I sit, read, drink and moan
I see people just like me
Many ways of being alone
And I come home late at night
Sad and tired as I could be
Ask the stars that shine so bright What tomorrow keeps for me

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