Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls 11 Early Morning Obsession Ascolta e Testo Lyrics


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Credits 11 Early Morning Obsession

Jack: Chitarra, slide e voce
Nimesulide: Chitarra e basso
Luca mathmos Selvini: Cimbali

Testo della canzone

In the morning, in the empty house
I wonder, see your face in every doorway
You grin at me through the velvet gloom
From my window, enter my room

In the kitchen, in the morning tea
I see your eyes looking at me
Why does your face come back when I’m alone
Just to remember me that you’re gone

In the forest, outside my door
Your face hides away and brings me score
I try to follow, try to understand
How I wish that you were so long gone

The wind in my face feels just fine
It dries the tears that I could not cry
Let it speak of distant lands and blow me over
Let it carry me the scent of my new lover

In the streets, in the misty haze
Why does all the people have your face?
And they all try to put their hands on me
Why can’t they just let me be

In the haze, in my morning walk
I see you everywhere but you just don’t talk
So I just keep walking, don’t turn and don’t stop
I got ten tones on my back, won’t you let them drop?

How I wish that you were so long gone
How I wish you would leave me alone

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