Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics 03 No free girl



Credits 03 No free girl

Jack: Chitarre, voce, piano, armonica
Nimesulide: Basso, chitarra
Luca 'Mathmos' Selvini: Percussioni

Testo della canzone

Met her in the evening
Saw her and I said “Hi!”
She looked down at me
And replied “Goodbye”
I said “Do as you please
Surely I won’t cry
Every girl in this town will be mine”

So I went for a woman
As pretty as a pearl
But there’s one thing I didn’t know
Is that she loves the girls
So I turned to the other
But she’s just found a line
Ain’t no free girl in this town, but mine

Every girl I see
Looks right to me
Every girl I find
I would like to make her mine
Whattafuckin shame
It makes me wanna cry
Ain’t no free girl in this town, but mine

Now, there’s one on the corner
I’m sure she waits for me
Then comes ‘round her boyfriend
And they both turn to kiss
But she’s the one that I just left!
It makes me loose my mind
Ain’t no free girl in this town, not even mine

Album che contiene 03 No free girl

album Washing in dirty water part 1 - Acid Jack Flashed & the PyllsWashing in dirty water part 1
2013 - Folk, Garage, Punk rock Under My Bed Recordings
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