Acid Jack Flashed & the Pylls - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics 15 Like a balloon



Credits 15 Like a balloon

Jack: voce, chitarre, marimba
Nimesulide: basso, chitarra
Luca Mathoms Selvini: percussioni

Testo della canzone

She was no more than a brat when I met her
And I spent most of my time trying to avoid her
One day she offered me her virginity
So I took it from her, and it hooked inside me

I filled her with music, I filled her with tea
I gave her my sunshine, she sang me her sea
I filled her with love everyday
And just like a balloon she inflated
And floated away

How carefully, tenderly
I looked after her
Watered and cleaned her
Protected her from pain
I made her so mellow, I helped her to bloom
But the fruits will be gathered by some other fool

So I’ve lost my hard work and I missed my fruit
And some other fellow will drink up her juice
Now I run through the meadows, get lost in the woods
I make my living way up in the moon… where she flew

But someday she’ll run out of love and deflate and get slack
And she will come back

Album che contiene 15 Like a balloon

album Washing in dirty water part 1 - Acid Jack Flashed & the PyllsWashing in dirty water part 1
2013 - Folk, Garage, Punk rock Under My Bed Recordings
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