Lademoto Records is proud to announce the release of Al Castellana's new album "Souleidoscopic Luv" on April 16th.
Available on every digital platform and on 33 vinyl, while the digital version has 2 bonus tracks:
Be mine, already included on the Soul Soulful Collection vol 2 compilation and I wanna be by your side (feat. Bashiyra), which is a fortunate remake of the Stevie Wonder song and included in Syreeta Wright debut album.
The LP 33 vinyl has 10 tracks and it's anticipated by the first single A man like me, single that is being played on several UK and italian radios.

These 10 tracks switch between classy old fashioned ballads and mid tempo songs with a feel of Neo Soul, we can also feel some funky dance and jazzy atmospheres.
All these fragments of Al's world, which swing by gloomy moments and a newly found joy, are so different from each other but so glued to each other in the name of the love for the soul music in every single aspect of it. These fragments create a big immaginary kaleidoscopic vision, or better, a Souleidoscopic vision of Al's music and the style Al has to live life and love. Never predictable, but at the end made with all his soul.
The italian soul artist, as usual, during the production and the writing process has teamed up with his long time producer and friend Daniele "Speed" Dibiaggio who's the only one who can translate into music Al's musical vision with dedication and patience.

Well, enjoy your listening!


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