album Odyssea A New Silent Corporation

A New Silent Corporation Odyssea


2016 - Sperimentale, Alternativo, Post-Rock


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Descrizione a cura della band

Odyssea is the soundtrack of a tale, told by an old man looking back on how the world suddenly changed for him and everyone else. He recalls how his people nearly lost everything, only for it all to fall back into place once again. A blank page to be written, for a new world to be built.

Odyssea is the result of a life-long experience. It took us several years to write, produce and record the songs you are now listening to. Life is unpredictable, gives you opportunities you cannot anticipate, and takes you to unexpected places. We hope you like where it brought us.


released May 25, 2016

Odyssea were written, produced and recorded by A New Silent Corporation.
Lyrics to Earth are inspired by the hymn “We Shall Not Be Moved”, written by anonymous author.

Mixed and Mastered by Maurizio Baggio.
Artwork by A New Silent Corporation.

Special thanks to Mattia Bardin, without whose help this work would have never seen the light of day. Many thanks also to Davide Parise, Luca Cattelan and Andrea Sanson for helping us through the process.
Finally, we are grateful to everyone who supported us with their kindness and patience throughout this long journey.

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