Trilatera EP

Trilatera EP


2014 - Elettronica, IDM


Italy’s forward thinking Concrete Records is about to drops its release number 20, coming from MagmatiQ Records’ head AntiteQ and due for release on the 1st of April.

Rome - based Concrete Records has build up a strong international reputations releasing unconventional electronica and futuristic beats since its inception, dropping quality music from the likes of Minilogue, Uncode and Furtherset amongst others. Surrounded by a dark and mysterious vibe the label has quickly established its name with different nights and showcases around Italy, always providing heterogeneous line ups. They are now ready to present their release number 20, coming from talented dj and producer Riccardo Corleone aka AntiteQ. Riccardo runs the successful MagmatiQ Records, which has recently released the likes of Barks and Daemon Tapes, and is one of the most prolific resident DJS in Milan for different club nights and warehouse events.

His latest work “Trilatera” continues the path taken by AntiteQ's AiQ Ep (MagmatiQ Records, 2012): three tracks, very different from one another, but complementary and coincident as sides of the same triangle. The two Eps are in fact united by various factors such as the number of tracks, the approach to production (a massive use of samples, spoken words, field recordings, floating reverbs and casting delays) and the predominating dark and melancholic atmosphere, but compared to the previous release there is been an evolution in sound and arrangements. Some of the influences in the EP are quite clear: the first track is guided by relentless percussive patterns which reminds a lot of Machine Drum’s music; the dark atmospheres in the second cut brings our mind back to Burial while the effective use of old school samples on a 4/4 kick could be easily related to some of Bonobo’s latest tunes.

‘Trilatera EP’ is a unique piece of music and AntiteQ is for proper heads surely one to watch. AntiteQ's 'Trilatera EP' is due to release on the 1st of April 2014, exclusive on digital.


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