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Testo della canzone

in the kingdom of the scraps
in the nightly spell

we climbed over the rusty gate
and slipped into the garden
of the haunted house

everything seems so real
your silhouette is all I feel
as we walk
but we don’t touch the ground

your face blu
in a field of stars

“do you think the ghost is real?”
I laughed but with your mouth
you said “yes”

I am yours and you are mine
for a moment out of time
the grass was wet on your naked skin

one day when we are
some brilliant cosmic dust

how can I caress your face?
how we will miss these little things down here
take my hand before we disappear

Album che contiene Behind Your Eyelids

album Songs From My Imaginary Youth Are You Real?
Songs From My Imaginary Youth 2017 - Psichedelia, Alternativo, Acustico Dischi Soviet Studio / Sisma / Audioglobe

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