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there was a man came to our town
he wore a suit of red
he memorized with secret eyes
that he hid away in his head

he had a scar upon his head
where there used to be a crown
but he sold his robes at the five and ten
and lived on the edge of town

that fall he showed us a magic leaf
that he could change to snow
he bought it partly with his grief
and partly with his soul

he scattered seeds in the alley way
he never seemed to rest
and when you went to ask him why
all he ever said was “yes”

he made a swan from waving grass
beside a crystal shore
and a sunrise spun from broken glass
and many things more

but then his hands began to burn
when he heard the news from the war
“when we cannot find each other” he said
“then we can't run away any more”

next day with tears along his face
he passed us on the hill
no one thought thought to ask him to stay
and he knows that we never will

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album Songs From My Imaginary Youth Are You Real?
Songs From My Imaginary Youth 2017 - Psichedelia, Alternativo, Acustico Dischi Soviet Studio / Sisma / Audioglobe

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