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AWHYL was founded in 2008 from the mind of Alessandro Spagna and Luca Brasili. After a past based on punk-rock music, they decided to start a new musical project inspired by the new sounds of electronic music. Their live set is presented in a very characteristic way: Alessandro (synths / effects / voices / DJ), Luca (electronic and acoustic drums), everything followed by a synchronized visual show. AWHYL begin their journey playing in various festivals such as the Electro X-mas, Mayday and Animes, bringing their energy around Italy. In 2015 they released their EP titled Distortion in collaboration with Bananophono Records. In 2016 Mattia "Donowitz" Liciotti joined the band. In the same year they were involved by Nastro Azzurro to join The Sound Brewery Project. The performance with this conceptual music machine was featured on main blogs and website like Fubiz, Wired, Ads of the World and many more. After the successful video they released a New EP called "Natural Waves" featuring the song produced and played with The Sound Brewery Machine.

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