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Yesterday, following your steps
I was thinkin to the days we live
And a chill was crossing my back
When I realized that all I’d need
Is a shock, a simple walk
Through a street where the bands still play
And a drink, a twist and shout with you
Without the thought that all is going bad

So I came back home
And searching something good on tv
I’ve been overwhelmed by so much garbage
That make me think I’m born in the wrong years

Yeah I need to hear the sound of a trumpet
And get drunk without spendin’ my salary
Oh I miss all that psichedelic aspects
That the modern cynism has just killed
Oh why, my god, do I deserve this?
I think I live in a wasted time
Oh no, my dear lord, it’s a fact for me
I’m sure I’m born in the wrong years

Man, if you’re feeling the same
And blue waters are wetting you
Have a journey to the court of delium
And try to change your interior mood
It’s a shock, a strange dimension
Help to escape from this place
Hold my hand, give me some frail hopes
I’ll find a foothold in every sigh from you


There’ll still be love
There’ll still be love
There’ll still be love
When the sun will turn to black(x2)
There’ll still be love
There’ll still be love
There’ll still be love
When the sky will turn to black(x2)


Album che contiene Born in the Wrong Years

album Masons Masons
Masons 2013 - Rock, Psichedelia, Indie

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