Baseball Gregg - Olympic White testo lyric


If I do pretend
And keep my arms still
Will you be able to tell me
Whether I’m a statue or a calm living being
I’ll dive off my trampoline

Causing ocean waves of tiny balloons
You’re a spoon, which collects them and ignites
While the colors they catch fire I’ll open my iTunes
Need to listen to "Last Nite"

When I was 9 - olympic white
The Strokes releasing "Is This It"
I go to school (frightened as hell)
Since I saw the Twin Towers falling
While was playing with my friend

Then that old friend of mine had his hair dyed
Took a bad turn, never saw him until now
Used to play with Mini 4WD's with him
As New York was catching fire

What I remind
What I forget: 20 years, 4 months since then
All things must pass, memories last
Did they put "New York City Cops" back
On the U.S.’ tracklist?


Music & Lyrics - Luca Lovisetto Cello - Cristina Muñoz


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La canzone Olympic White si trova nell'album Pastimes uscito nel 2022 per La Barberia Records, Believe, Z Tapes.

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