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Biko said your skin
is not white
he was told his skin
is not black

pink and brown
he knew
looks like colours
have a skin too

he was born in King William’s Town
white crowns upside-down
is all he asked

Biko said
that black is beautiful
he told it not to whites
but to his neighbourhood

Crazy Horse
it is known,
his defeat came
from his own folk

words describe the appearance of things
resulting from the way in which they reflect the light
just like us just like glass just like colour

Crazy Horse
he too
wore his skin
like a king


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This track hosts the voices of Marina Ladduca and Anne Groen.


La canzone but si trova nell'album skin deep uscito nel 2018 per INRI.

Copertina dell'album skin deep, di BJRG

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