Mauvais Genre

Mauvais Genre

Borderline Symphony

2018 - Psichedelia, Pop


Ecco il testo promo in inglese:
Oblique though harmonic, dreamy but possessive as well!
If to badly cleaned ears of romantic souls or to dirty auditory canals of misanthropic creatures, Borderline Symphony bring you the good tinnitus! Luca Pollioni, who recorded and produced the EP autonomously (only guest musician is Christa Helbling, who sings the backing vocals in „Older and Younger“), sings about Wayne’s World and Heroin in the 90ties, about the good old desires, about alcohol abuse and druggy trips like the one in Apocalypse Now – from the Champs-Elysée into historic Indochina. Then ironic nonsense phrases, that remember marketing slogans of automobile adverts of the 60ties, break all seriousness. Even the own reflection gets mocked by the couch-potato songwriter, who is hiding in winter like a badger in his set. Whatever. In short: Borderline Symphony get under the skin – somewhere in-between heart and pants. Overdosing’s not harmful.



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