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Descrizione She's Just A Punk

"She's Just A Punk" è una canzone stradaiola sull'emarginazione, in questo caso è metaforicamente un tema leggero sui posers, ovvero su chi vorrebbe entrare a far parte di una cerchia ma viene tagliato fuori,
nonostante cerchi ad ogni costo di conformarsi alle regole degli insiders.

Credits She's Just A Punk

Scritto, prodotto, arrangiato, cantato & mixato da BRENT STEED.
Artwork by Elisabetta Guarino.
Mastering by CJ Jacobson.
Effetti sonori registrati a Chioggia (VE) e Mira (VE) nel 2012.


Testo della canzone

(words & music by Brent Steed)

​On this rotten street got an encounter on my way
This foxy girl just tries with rage to convince me she's insane
Hot pinky hair and belt on air chargin' pride for fame
But she wants to sell another of the same monsters to my brain
She tells me I'm anonymous showin' a fist as her role
Complains of the society shakin' tits on her show
Trasgressive She don't wanna be the sweetest princess anymore
Too old She prefers to be the Alien Queen of the nation... but I can't solve your sufferings!

​She's just a punk (just a punk), just a little bit o’ fun
She's just to hate, to hate
She's just a punk (just a punk), just a little bit punk
She's just to hate, to hate

​Assault the current conceptions you just don't know which they are
You sell me you're at another level and you're goin' very far
Burpin' like a peep and you're just expectin' me to laugh
While a conference of bullshit is made by your screamin' rush
I can't organize a commission to decide if you're cool enough,
but maybe tomorrow I'm gonna assign the prize of the real star
Words of "rebellion" already heard from Beat Generation style
Compassion for your revengful words, I don't wanna make them mine
I don't steal your sensitivity

​Punk (just a punk), just a little bit funk
You're just to hate, to hate
She's just a punk (just a punk), just a little bit punk
She's just to hate, to hate

Album che contiene She's Just A Punk

album HORROR AVENUE N. 7 - Brent SteedHORROR AVENUE N. 7
2012 - Rock, Alternativo, Easy-listening
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