Bestia Session

Bestia Session


2010 - Sperimentale, Psichedelia, Funk


THE BESTIA SESSION starts straight like a motherfucker. TAA TA TA TA. Think Miles Davis in the early 70's meets Led Zeppelin.
On the left: Giuliano Gius Cobelli, shooting electric clusters from his crazy trumpet. On the right: Giorgio Fausto Menossi, punching funky bombdrums and exploding his sunny vintage cymbals. Together, they create a solid funky groove looping tons of trumpet riffs. Then they start soloing, enjoying stretching the rhythm and the melody...leaving you with these 4 perfect song-oriented improjams. That's why the BESTIA SESSION tracks have clearly defined beginnings and ends, and you can perfectly feel the urgency and the shiver of the creative moment.


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