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Descrizione Before and After This Winter

Questa canzone contiene immagini vivide sul passare del tempo, e racconta di come reagiamo ai cambiamenti e alle conseguenze delle scelte.

Credits Before and After This Winter

Testo di G.Lamola, musiche dei Clear Decadence + L.Ciccone.

Testo della canzone

Did you finally find the love
The kind that everyone's lookin' for?
Someone to hold your arms
To dream together a future to protect
Down in that valley where
Everyone's so sick and ill
The thin rain comes again
To teach us how to care or to blame

Displace your life, don't run
Do you feel the same now?

You made this place alive.
And now it's just winter all around

I watched the seasons
passin' on my house of straw and snow
So tell me the last time
Did you understand how to forget
The sound of all our ages
That passed like barbed wires and fray

Displace your life and hear
Everything's gonna fall
So do you feel the same?

You made this place alive.
And I still don't know
what made those moments right.

Oblivious friends out of time
They asked me the road to find
the nowhere and I could just say
to follow your senseless shining eyes
I won't catch you in the night that comes
The only things that remain are
the feelings that we learned
And how to escape from them...

Album che contiene Before and After This Winter

album To the secret sounds of eternity - Clear Decadence
To the secret sounds of eternity 2011 - New-Wave, Alternativo, Pop rock

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