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Descrizione Dismall Melody

L'orrore si dipana davanti ai nostri occhi e nelle nostre orecchie per la chiusura del sipario nel lungo e travagliato episodio finale.

Credits Dismall Melody

Testo di Ido, musica di Ido con la collaborazione di G.Lamola.

Testo della canzone

When I think what I've done to you

I can see the evil raising through

my grey old eyes.

Waisting away a pure poor child

there's nothing worst I can't deny

your blood is been mine.

I din't even know your name

it didn't matter where you came from

and where you had to go.

As I saw you all alone

showing legs that had to be my own

I lost control.

Did I say to you "This is love"

as I crawled on you to taste how soft it was

what you held inside.

"You're a MONSTER!" you cried at me

as I heard the word I realised what I was doing to you

and let you run away.

Tonight is the last night

you'll spend awake, it's time for me to go.

Now that so many years have passed

since they catched me and buried me in this cell

waiting for my last ride

I just what you to know I'm sad

for what I've done to you and I hope you will forgive me

when you grow older

By tonight you're free

to sleep again, so long.

And now they are frying me

and my head is boiling

but the last thought I have it was you.

Album che contiene Dismall Melody

album To the secret sounds of eternity - Clear Decadence
To the secret sounds of eternity 2011 - New-Wave, Alternativo, Pop rock

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