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Descrizione Strange Love

Questa canzone parla di sentimenti talmente morbosi ed eccessivi da trasformarsi in azioni che prevalicano i limiti morali e legali della nostra società. E' il protagonista stesso di queste malefatte a raccontarci tutto con sconcertante naturalezza...

Credits Strange Love

Testo di Ido, musiche di G.Lamola.

Testo della canzone

Running scared all along the day
I'm still searching for my sweet pray
Knowing girl is getting hard
I buried the last I met in my yard
Flows inside red is my blood
I want them all to taste my flood
Wishing things I cannot have
Soon drove me to be mad

Deep inside strong is the fight
it's four years that I run the light
I just hear what my sick brain says
"Where is the lamb we'll try to slay"

Aaah strange love
Aaah strange love

Everything started when I killed my wife
I cut her throat with a kitchen knife
Since that day I've hated my name
I've lived these years with this black shame
In my heart I know I should stop
"This is the last one" it is my thought
I can't deny what's in my head
It's the strongest need I've ever had

Aaah strange love
Aaah strange love

Album che contiene Strange Love

album To the secret sounds of eternity - Clear DecadenceTo the secret sounds of eternity
2011 - Pop rock, New-Wave, Alternativo
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