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With this new album, COLLOQUIO further explores the territories between electronic/wave sounds and the italian songwriting tradition. "L'entrata - L'uscita" drastically expands the sonic horizons of these "sacred monsters of weltschmerz": 10 new tracks, featuring several contributions from guest musicians performing parts of sax, flute, double-bass, drums (and some female vocals) that will leave no listener untouched. Beautiful melodies drowning into glitch-like minimal noisy soundscapes. Melancholic songs for the eternally grieving souls - leaden nourishment for the bugs inside your head.......... Coming in a luxury 3 folders digisleeve + booklet, "L'entrata - L'uscita" has been mastered in London by Simon Davey of the prestigious Exchange Mastering Studios.


Gianni Pedretti (voce, synth)
Sergio Calzoni (electronics, sound-design)


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