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"The generation of this order" 2009 (afmusic / trastienda netlabel)

In free download dalla netlabel trastienda.org all'indirizzo:


Da agosto anche sulla label tedesca afmusic.de in versione digital deluxe: album (FLAC o Mp3 320kbps) + 1 bonus track + 2 booklet pdf a 3.90 euri!

"Confusion Is Next embody everything I look for in musicians; passionate, intelligent and talented; people who perform purely for the joy of performing; and this comes across in the music they produce, a return to the glory days of Alternative Rock [...] Great music should trigger a response from the listener and Confusion Is Next’s song writing possesses this quality" ~ Barry Rogers, LostChildren Netlabel / Loss Of A Child

"CIN have struck a balance between the raw, loud sound that dominated their first two releases and the melodic, dynamic sound that began to appear in "Lost in Dark Days" [...] In just a few years, CIN have matured i…


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