DA HAND IN THE MIDDLE - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Barry Gibb



Testo della canzone


I’m ready for hell but my lifestyle did so well
When I was four I read English
And I already hated Russian fishes
After that I searched the meaning of life
Prayin the lord while dancing “stayin alive”
Kill them all on the floor on the Saturday night
Barry Gibb for me was the messiah
Dropped the seat from my town gospel choir
Till the day knees said to me bye bye
Both knees bye bye
I spent five years in a splendid isolation
Tea in the morning despising froggies
Rigorously at bus station
Disco dancer there’s no chance to
Reach your beauty and your chest
Cancer, doctor P. is this the answer?
Only fools die young that’s life son
Forget the dream of being a dancer
Cancer the diagnosis is quite simple
Take a seat said doctor Pimple
Call your wife tell her all you need’s a miracle
Cancer a bunch of suckers at my bolster
Lawyers whores and undertakers
Kneelin prayin and cravin for departure
You’ll die bye bye
Why can’t I spend these few days in isolation
None of them but one specific name of person Barry
Disco dancer there’s no chance to
Reach your beauty and your tender voice

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album L'éducation sentimentale - DA HAND IN THE MIDDLEL'éducation sentimentale
2013 - Jungle, Blues
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