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Testo della canzone


Let’s make it clear this song will be a game
so, you don’t take it for the little thing I do and “4 dimension”.
you know, well, the other day I was at your feet
without a blame.
I wanna tell you even if you had a moustache
you didn’t lose my attention
I’m lucky you don’t hide under the bed when I arrive
you should’ve thrown me out for all my clumsy
all my clumsy
You’re the picture of how I feel when I look at you
No, I’m not so foolish to judge you for your grace.
That symmetrical composition of features, silk and brew would be nothin’, more than a handful of magic space.
If there would be something that explodes in the shadows of your face.
I lose my balance, my touch and my bones collapse
Anytime you tell me Hong Kong stories.
Well, it’s my faith and I make genocide only for your alms
Although I have studied Dylan’s songs as you did.
New particles come out and abuse my sensitivity like Vietnam

Album che contiene Hong Kong Stories

album L'éducation sentimentale - DA HAND IN THE MIDDLEL'éducation sentimentale
2013 - Jungle, Blues
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