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Rifles shootin up in the air
Dynamite dust blows on cement
Everybody raises your hands off the pants for new year’s day
Forget you’re miserable grind your teeth
Cause papa’s coming with champagne and ten ounces of meat
Not the kind you cook though no cocktails nor skiing
Pull the plug that kept you on
Suggestion one get the best coat
Suggestion two surrender not to the duty call
Feel free to get lost till you lose yourself
Now you can choose to be chosen
If to fight beside one poor fool’s ambition
You say “hey the man is gifted” look out that might be given
Truly is he ready for leading the mission
Truly is he ready?

Album che contiene The Cook

album L'éducation sentimentale - DA HAND IN THE MIDDLE
L'éducation sentimentale 2013 - Jungle, Blues

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