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My will goes random so do my chances
Today I’m here tomorrow I bet you won’t remember
I’m a rambler but my heart’s so tender
Come close now I’ll give you a sample
Lean your head over my shoulder, listen
Here’s my vision dolly
Look at these lonely freezing meadows of Russia
Where these boys run all their little lungs off
Need all their blood for the legs
don’t pump enough for the heart
So my joy, a thunder in the dark
I feel so sad don’t have really good friends I can talk to
The goals I score don’t satisfy me as before
‘Fore turning into Vagner Love
I’d rather take my car go home after training and not shower
No it’s not the tofu but pure mato grosso essence my magic powder
Bewitching your senses your actions
Now I’m your wizard I’m at head of the situation
But what’s going on now
she seems a bit reluctant towards the affair
please give me some water
this man needs to cool off
it’s Vagner Love whom you’re givin nos to
Let’s put our mask off I wanna be real honest with you
There’s no organs in my heart
they’re not blowing songs to the stars
I’m just a pig, but a real good friend of mine told me
That so you are
I heard you dust it off like a vacuum
If your ass could talk, would take a deep breath
And scream out loud for Vagner Love

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album L'éducation sentimentale DA HAND IN THE MIDDLE
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