DA HAND IN THE MIDDLE - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics (Who's gonna shave) The Barber Pt.1


Testo della canzone


(part 1)

Not a walk in the park not like tying a shoe
being a barber these days is extremely hard
if you ain’t got the right tools
I could walk on moquette till Joanna got everything straight
After closing every night I’d knock at door of roulette
Was in march very cold when I was told get on your way
I did not shout it’s not my style I just said ok
Because I couldn’t stand living in a regime
They occupied the scene
I was a guest in my room
my will was on morphine couldn’t revolt
but that night something went wrong
watching late night soft porn tv show
some shy gal singin unforgettable
round her winkin naked little hoes
suddenly cravin for that early morning light to come
throughout the years my dears they’ve been unfair
the ribs of my chest
I’ve done some wrong but hell man I wanna know who is clear
In this damn world

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2013 - Jungle, Blues
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