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Descrizione a cura della band

Dracula Lewis releases ʻPermafrostʼ 12” / Digital EP on November
12, 2012 through Souterrain Transmissions and joins The Soft
Moon on their European Tour.

The last few years have been spent living in a Milan squat,
creating art installations, running an illegal club and his working
on his own label Hundebiss Records, turning out exquisitely
crafted limited origami-packaged records featuring the music of
such talents as James Ferraro, Hype Williams, Hair Police, Sewn
Leather, Jaws and more.

Whatever the words used to describe Dracula Lewis, thereʼs a
dark magic and hypnotic allure to the distorted electronics,
samples, chants & loops. And itʼs this magic that has earned him
the accolade of being Souterrain Transmissionsʼ first European


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