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Look at them sleeping,
Dreaming in chains as they live every day.
It’s funny how the more they claim to be free,
The more they bind each other to this nowhere going ship.
Ship of fools, will they ever see
A pool is not enough to make a sea.

And I, I wonder where we are drifting to,
And if it’s how it has to be,
The way we’ve been told to live.

Mother, you should be proud,
Look at your son crucified on this world
And choked by the uniform you tailed on his skin, oh,
Oh, such a good boy, such a good boy you’ve made out of him.
I feel you brother, I know your suffering, it is so real,
I know it’s not easy to live being nailed here,
With all these people loading your back with
Sentences, expectations, on which kind of man you’ll be,
And if you let them, you’re going to find yourself
Hanging from the puppet strings they have
Tangled all around you,
You sold yourself for some packaged happiness, but you know what’s new?

When you realize there’s no other side,
And all that you have is a day in this life

Then you’ll understand what’s the difference between
Trying to live and not to be lived….not to be lived

But maybe it’s just all nonsense,
Just another way to cheat on myself,
Wasting all these years hiding from my fears…
But now that I’m here, laying my head on your chest,
The world ain’t so bad
You’re the only one who can rid me from all this,
Girl you bring me relief………

Blinkin'love Blues

She says “Goodnight”, and then she slams the door,
(She) left me here standing hard as stone.
Crazy…you know she makes me feel so insane,
Her laughter it’s like a bullet driving through my veins.
And once again the curtain’s down, ‘cause I am easy and you’re too proud,
Or maybe I’m the one who’s wrong, but please now won’t you come along?
And after all with you and me that’s just the way it goes,
We fool around, we scratch the ground, but never reach the core
We play this game, but now enough, it’s time to make it real
The will your eyes are telling me, it gets me through the thrills
Crazy, you know, you make me feel…insane
Your kisses on me, they’re really blowing me away…
Then you leave me in the highlight, you don’t listen to my words of plea,
Your blinkin’love first turns me on then gets me, back on my knees.
I’m disturbed...I’m disturbed….I’m disturbed…oh and I want more…
Save my mind before it collapses,
I really, really need............
Then you leave me in the highlight, you don’t listen to my words of plea,
Your blinkin’love first turns me on then gets me, back on my knees.
So you walked out that door like you never really cared.
I guess now I’ll have to be my own lover,
Tonight, I know, you won’t come over…well screw you.

The Absence Theory

Another grey-sky day but now I almost got used to it,
The clock is ticking, falling raindrops knocking at my window.
At least they’ll keep me company, ‘cause your ghost won’t let me sleep tonight,
Sneaking on my pillow I saw you standing in front of my eyes…my eyes.
Oh lover, it’s hard to wake up in the night and see that you’re not even there,
I reach out my arm to touch you and feel it falling down on an empty bed,
And I wake up once again hungry for your mouth.
Oh and my mind wanders on your body all night long,
And with my hand
I could follow the memory of your silhouette
Hills and plane, then the wave
that rolls over me again
And it happens every night….since you’ve been gone
Even if you’re far from here…you still mess up my bed
And what people say about love, it seems so wrong
Oh and my mind’s tortured, it won’t have peace anymore, ‘cause you know
Heaven’s the place for those who love,
And Hell is for those who love too much, love too fast
And need each other’s touch


A turning wheel on my pillow chimes,
The night is leading me out of this time,
Through the walls of my room, far beyond the last star,
In a purple horizon with a green twilight scar.
Slithering bubbles explode in red smoke,
Spikes cubes and planes, are all one and the same,
I can taste with my eyes and see with my mouth
The shrieking and roaring confusion of sound.
It’s all a weird carousel that moves out of stroke,
Such a deep and strange pain must, no doubt, leave a stain.


It was about three days ago, when he was on the bus,
Looking through the window at the buildings going past,
And people softly swaying, reflected on the glass.
Oh, such a lovely day under a shining sun.

That’s when the thought sprang to his mind!
And it grew, deep inside his conscience now he knew.
Oh, such a lovely day you cannot let it go to waste.
‘Cause you know that the end is what makes the story mean,
It puts the picture in the frame.
That is why he decided to claim his right upon his life.

As soon as he got home he cooked his favourite meal
Then on the street again he ran, ran, chasing the rails

Oh, such a lovely day he couldn’t let it go to waste

To his wife he left a note: “Take the trash outside and don’t forget to feed the dog”.
With no reason, just for fun, he threw his head into the sun!


Ezio Romano: Voce, Chitarra
Costantino Mazzoccoli: Chitarra, Backing Vocals
Luigi Varanese: Basso
Emanuele Orsini: Batteria


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