2017 - Pop, Electro, Ambient


"’Velour’ is the feeling of unshakable longing for a place we’ve never been. This is a specific form of wanderlust – a craving for a distant land or a deep feeling of ‘homesickness’ for a place we have never seen. We imagine distant places through small fragments: everyday life seen elsewhere. We are going through a strange sensation of disorientation, something magical seen from far away. We fall in love with this fragment. It holds the promise for more. We move around it.”


The fashionable trio, Emmecosta, are poised to release their forthcoming “Velour” EP on 25 August 2017. Swedish boutique music label ICEA adopted the Positano natives to polish their dream-pop soundscapes. Listeners were introduced to Emmecosta’s music at the end of 2016 and the dawn of 2017 with the tracks “His Power of Youth” and “Miguel”. The synths, punctuated guitar and silky vocals evoke memories of Phoenix circa 2004. The remaining two tracks, “Heavy Heart” and “A Mountain From Us” blend pulsing waves of synths and echoing vocals, mirroring Snakadaktal’s Sleep in the Water (2013).

In many ways, Emmecosta communicate intoxicating atmospheres with their dream-pop, reminiscent of Washed Out, where the muffled vocals paint the landscape and guide the listener to melt into nature. The music videos for “Miguel” and “His Power of Youth” were filmed in seaside Positano and Scandinavian forests, complementing the music and the story of the band. Emmecosta says, “There is a hidden romantic darkness in the actual story, which represents the band’s melancholy in relation to their hometown in Italy, and what it was been like to immigrate to Sweden. There is a craving for home, yet acceptance of new belonging.”

Stereogum and Clash Magazine have both praised the band for their “blissed out electronics with a liquid feel” more accurately than their self-proclaimed “post-club tropical indie soul” - a description that raises eyebrows, but enhances a sense of self-awareness in the calming hours after a party, before bed. Emmecosta dedicates their music ideas to time and place - living in the moment, while feeling split between their lives in Italy and Sweden. The result is a sound that feels comfortable and contemplative.


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